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We believe in integrity

Our Vision:
To create a financially better reality for people from all walks of life.

Our mission:
To provide superior technology, products and services that MEMBERS want to share with family and friends, that EMPLOYEES are proud of, and that INVESTORS look to for long term returns.

The four keystones of our business

  • Crowdfunding
  • Networking
  • BlockChain Technology
  • Real Estate Investments

CrowdBridge Global Token



CrowdBridge Global offers many unique advantages to boost your portfolio.

10% Guarantee

Earn a minimum of 10% ROI p.a. Guaranteed from our projects' developers. ROI is disbursed monthly.

Blockchain Technology

The CBG Coin is built on the Ethereum platform. The blockchain explorer is public.

Instant Payments

Our system automatically deposits your earnings to your cash account and token wallet.

Networking Bonuses

Accelerate your results using the power of the binary network that pays you 5 different ways.

Extra Security

Our platform is safe and secure. Your personal details will be protected against unwanted access and exploitation.

Real-time tracking

You have a complete Back-Office at your disposal to keep up with everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Global presence

Our powerful servers are mirrored on 4 continents operate our sophisticated systems on a global platform.


We've developed state-of-the-art software prepared to support large volumes of concurrent transactions.

Simple and easy to use

Everything has been designed to make it easier to manage, including accessing our platform via a computer, tablet, or mobile.

Message from the CEO

We believe that wealth and happiness are achieved by people being strong together.
We aim to provide superior technology, products and services that members recommend to family and friends and investors seek for long term returns.
We want to reach further than the world of traditional marketing. We believe in the power of strong relations and networks.
Combine all of this with a strong long term business plan that will impact and last through generations, we truly have an equal opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Hans Pasveer

Hans Pasveer


Sales and Marketing Contractor (B2B/B2C) with portfolio of Fortune 5000 clients, nonprofits, and start-ups.
Shareholder and in board of directors in several Direct Selling enterprises.


You are set for success with our highly competitive and rewarding Bonusplan.
By setting new heights for industry standards our plan will create success stories worldwide..

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Our Bonus Plan

Our bonus plan is very powerful and rewarding for everyone putting in an effort to tell others about CrowdBridge Global and generate sales.

Direct Sales Bonus

We always pay a 15% Direct Sales Bonus on all personal sales. Bonus is instantly transferred to your cash account and token account.

Fast Start Bonus

Earn voucher bonuses and tokens based on your number of cycles within 48h, 14 days and 30 days. The more you cycle the more you will earn.

Binary Team Commission Cycles

Earn from €40 to €100 per balanced commission cycle in your Binary Team. Unbalanced points are pushed forward to next week.

Matching Bonus

Earn up to 50% in Matching Bonus, This bonus is based on personal effort and can pay up to 7 levels deep in your organization.

Recognition Awards

Based on the effort you put in you are awarded Rank and CBG Awards. This can be anything from vouchers to phones, watches and real estate.

CBG Token Exchange

You can buy and exchange CBG tokens on the CBG Token Exchange. The token price is determined by supply and market demand.


The projects we enter into has a 10% minimum annual rental guarantee.
This means that your invested capital will gain A MINIMUM of 10% profit during a year

Become an Independent Affiliate

Affiliate Package - €150 / €100 Annual renewal

We are happy to offer a EQUAL, FAIR, and EXCITING Business Opportunity to our Affiliates.
As an Independent Affiliate, you can earn commissions and bonuses by referring our products and services to others.
Please be aware that there is no commission paid on the Affiliate Package, from recruiting, or from sponsoring Independent Affiliates.
Commissions derives from product sales only.

€100 Affiliate License

The Affiliate License activates your Independent Affiliate status. From year 2 onwards there is an annual €100 license renewal.

€50 Digital Affiliate Package

The Digital Affiliate Package includes a Replicated Website, Back Office, Access to Corporate Training, Access to Weekly Webinars and Unlimited Online Support.

€40 per Binary Commission Cycle

As an Independent Affiliate you unlock the complete Compensation Plan. You can achieve higher commission payouts by achieving higher ranks.

€2,000 Binary/MB Cap/Week

By default the Binary Cap is set to €2,000.- The Binary Cap is determined by your Product Package.